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Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District PRIVACY POLICY

Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District is committed to protecting the privacy of its employees, volunteers, clients/customers and business associates.  An employee is obligated to ensure that information, to which they have access remains confidential, it is only used for the purpose for which it was collected, is not disclosed without an authorization or used for personal gain.


Personal or Private Information:
Information about an identifiable individual that would not be easily available or accessible to the general public.  Any information about an identifiable individual and includes race, ethnic origin, colour, age, marital status, religion, education, medical history, criminal record, employment history, financial status, address, telephone number, and any numerical identification, such as Social Insurance Number.  Personal information also includes information that may relate to the work performance of the individual, any allegations, investigations or findings of wrongdoing, misconduct or discipline.  Personal Information does not include job title, business contact information, or job description.

Personal Health Information:
Information about an identifiable individual that relates to the physical or mental health of the individual, the provision of healthcare to the individual, the individual health card number, the identity of providers of health care to the individuals or the identity of substitute decision makers on behalf of the individual.

Third Parties:
Are individuals or organizations other than the subject of the records or representative of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District. Note that in certain circumstances, the company may be required to provide personal information to an external party acting as an agent of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District. (e.g. an insurance broker acting on behalf of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District, or a lawyer acting on behalf of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District in a legal matter).

Privacy Officer and Accountability:
The person designated as the organization’s Privacy Officer for the purpose of this policy and applicable legislation will be the Executive Director.  All employees of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District will be accountable to the Executive Director for protecting the confidentiality and security of all personal information they come in contact with.

Personal Information:
The agency will identify the purposes for which personal information is collected and used at the time of, or before the collection of the personal information.  Information is collected for the following purposes:

  • To receiving applications for service & support, membership, employment or volunteer placement.
  • To providing assistance, establish and maintain communication and respond to inquiries.
  • To meeting legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To confirm employment or volunteer status and maintain communication.
  • To meet obligations as an employer, the agency will need to share information with other corporations such as, but not limited to, insurance providers, direct deposit bank, and government agencies.
  • To establish emergency contact with family and/or others as designated.

Personal Information will only be collected with consent except where otherwise required or permitted by law.
Consent of the employee are not required for the following third party requests:
Any information required by law, court order or subpoena;

  • Any reporting requirements or requests from Human Resources Development Canada  or Revenue Canada;
  • Any legitimate business purposes including the administration of benefit plan.

Collection of Information:
The collection of personal information shall be limited to that personal information which is necessary for the purposes identified by the organization and shall be collected by fair and lawful means only.

Use, Disclosure and Retention of Information:
Personal information shall not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those purposes for which it was collected except with the consent of the individual or as required by law.  When information is no longer required to be kept, Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District will destroy paper files and purge electronic files in a secure way that will eliminate the possibility of information contained in such files being accessible to anyone else.

Personal information collected shall be accurate, complete and up to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.  It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that information concerning their personal status is current at all times.

Files containing personal information of those people receiving support, employees, and volunteers, both paper and electronic, will be stored in a manner which only authorized personnel have access.  The storage area and filing cabinets will be locked and computer files protected by passwords.  All employees and volunteers of Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District sign a Confidentiality Agreement at the time of hire, in which they acknowledge their duties subject to this policy and related legislation.

Client Records:
Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District is responsible to collect and maintain a complete file for each person in services for a period of 20 years before destruction.  Records of people no longer in service will be maintained for 7 years.

The content of these files is confidential and only the following persons are authorized to examine it:
Client of own records
Executive Director
Program Manager
Program Supervisor
Client’s Support Staff
Administration Staff

Employee Records:
Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District is responsible to collect and maintain a complete file for each employee and for at least five (5) years following the date of termination of employment.

The content of files is confidential an only the following persons are authorized to examine it:
Employee of own records
Board President or designate,
Executive Director or designate,
Human Resources
Those in direct authority over the employee,

All employees will maintain complete confidentiality regarding all information relating to people in services.
Upon hire, each employee will be expected to sign a confidentiality statement.
Any interagency or professional exchange of client information in subject to Executive Director or their designates approval.  The interagency exchange of information must be deemed to be in the best interests of the client and must conform to prescribed ethics of confidentiality.  Written confirmation to release information will be obtained from the client and/or his or her guardian for exchange of information outside of the agency.
All employees will observe the same level of confidentiality in relations to all records and files of the agency.

Individuals receiving support, employees and volunteers alike may contact the Privacy Officer with questions, suggestions or opinions with regards to compliance with this policy and relevant legislation.  The Privacy Officer is responsible for monitoring applicable legislation and taking such steps as required ensuring that Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District is in compliance.  This responsibility will include suggesting draft revisions of this policy for the Board of Directors consideration and adoption at the appropriate times.

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