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Supported Independent Living is designed to offer the required amount of support to people where they live.  Support is also offered while they are in their family home and in the process of moving to their own home.

Supported Independent Living is committed to encouraging lifestyles for people that promote their participation, inclusion, friendships and citizenship in the community.  We believe in being respectful of the uniqueness, dignity, well-being and privacy for those receiving support.

The frequency and type of support varies with each person and is based on the expressed needs of that person.  Support could include money handling and budgeting, menu planning and assistance with preparation of meals, shopping, landlord and tenant negotiations, home maintenance, assistance with appointments and accessing other community resources.

Kerri Tomlinson
Manager, Supported Independent Living
[email protected]
905-898-3000 ext. 210
Fax: 905-898-6441