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Community Living Newmarket /Aurora District is a non-profit, charitable organization which provides support to people who have an intellectual disability.

We do this with a dedicated group of staff, volunteers and family members.

We offer a wide range of supports and services that enable people to reach their fullest potential.

Please explore our website further to learn more about the services, supports and opportunities that we offer.

2014-2015 Annual Report
2014-2015 Annual Report
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The Caring Experience: an outreach project to better understand, and ultimately improve, the experiences of people who provide care or support to someone with a health issue. Please click on icon to access newly formed resource.

What's New at Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District?

Community Living Ontario Day at Legislature – May 12, 2016

Representatives from nearly 30 member associations and friends of Community Living traveled from across the province earlier today to join Community Living at Queen’s Park to recognize the many collaborations with Members of Provincial Parliament.

We were among the members, along with our MPP for Newmarket-Aurora, Chris Ballard.

Here are some photographs of Andrea and Emily. They even were photographed with Minister Helena Jaczek!

Suzanne Conner has done it again, and raised another $12,000 for our Organization at her 3rd Annual Jellybean Ball on April 16, 2016.

To date, Suzanne has raised a total of $32,000 for our Organization from her last three Jellybean Balls.

Not only has Suzanne raised money, which provided much needed equipment and supplies for our Day Programs, she also champions the needs of people who have intellectual disabilities at each of her events.

Suzanne's impact, talent and resourcefulness continues to amaze us, and we feel honoured to be represented for the third year in a row!


CN_Tower.jpgIt has been a remarkable and inspiring week for Community Living! We saw the CN Tower lit up in Blue and Green on the evening of May 11th, 2016, to celebrate Community Living Day, and the inclusion of people who have developmental disabilities.

It was great to see so many municipalities involved, particularly our own Newmarket and Aurora municipalities proclaiming May as Community Living month and celebrating Community Living Day on May 11th, by lighting up the Riverwalk Commons in Green and Blue!

Together, we can, and we are, building inclusive communities where everyone belongs!



Aurora and Newmarket proclaim that May 2016 is Community Living month.

Newmarket-Proclamation-May-Community-Living-Month.jpg Aurora-Proclamation-May-Community-Living-Month.jpg

Spring Fling 2016


2016 Associate Family Appreciation Party

On Thursday, March 17th, we held our yearly Associate Family Appreciation Party for everyone involved in our Associate Family Program.

We had a great time and are truly thankful for everyone’s hard work and dedication towards enhancing the lives of the wonderful people who receive support, we held our yearly Associate Family.

Congratulations to our Board member Beverley Varcoe for receiving the Leading Woman, Leading Girls, Building Communities of York Region award on Monday March 7, 2016!

Beverley Varcoe receiving her Leading Women Building Communities Award with Chris Ballard MPP, Newmarket, Ontario.

Community Living Day at the Legislature 2016 - Save the Date

Community Living Ontario, along with the Government Relations and Communications Committees and Community Living Toronto, are pleased to announce that Day at the Legislature will take place on Thursday, May 12th.

As always, we’ll be bringing a message of inclusion and citizenship to Queen’s Park, and we encourage local associations from across the province and friends of the Community Living movement to join us in the celebration. This is also an excellent opportunity for associations to make arrangements to meet with their respective MPPs in order to share the many success stories taking place in local communities across Ontario.

Additional details will be made available in the coming months.

We hope to see you there.


If you, or anyone you know who has a developmental disability has stayed at the listed Centres during the dates specified below, you are entitled to a settlement.

Additional settlements about abuse of the developmentally disabled at our Centres and Institutions are being negotiated and finalized. The deadline to contact lawyers to report your complaint is  April 26, 2016 .

Did you live somewhere on the list below?
There is a lawsuit about these places. If you lived somewhere on the list, check the dates beside the name of the place where you lived.  If you lived there between those dates, then you may be part of the lawsuit.

  • St. Lawrence Regional Centre in Brockville between April 1, 1975 and June 30, 1983
  • D’Arcy Place in Cobourg between September 1, 1963 and December 31, 1996
  • Adult Occupational Centre in Edgar between January 1, 1966 and March 31, 1999
  • Pine Ridge in Aurora between September 1, 1963 and August 31, 1984
  • Muskoka Centre in Gravenhurst between August 28, 1973 and June 30, 1993
  • Oxford Regional Centre in Woodstock between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1996 or in the “Mental Retardation Unit” or “MR Unit” of the Oxford Mental Health Centre between January 1, 1969 and March 31, 1974
  • Midwestern Regional Centre in Palmerston between September 1, 1963 and March 31, 1998
  • L.S. Penrose Centre in Kingston between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1977
  • Bluewater Centre in Goderich between April 1, 1976 and December 20, 1983
  • Durham Centre for Developmentally Handicapped in Whitby between April 1, 1974 and September 28, 1986
  • Prince Edward Heights in Picton between January 1, 1971 and December 31, 1999
  • Northwestern Regional Centre in Thunder Bay between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1994 

What is the lawsuit about?
Many people labeled with intellectual disabilities were harmed or hurt at places on the list. One of those people started this lawsuit for everyone who lived at these places. 
The government of Ontario was in charge of all the places on the list. The lawsuit says the government did not protect people who lived at these places. 

Koskie Minsky LLP is a law firm in Toronto. Lawyers at this firm are working on the lawsuit for people who lived at these places.

The lawyers have talked to the government. They made an agreement to end the lawsuit without a trial. The agreement is called a settlement.

But the lawsuit is not over. Next, the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto needs to decide if the settlement is fair and reasonable. On April 25, 2016, the lawyers will ask the Court to make this decision.

What does the settlement say?
The settlement says:

  • The government must hold 35.9 million dollars for people who lived at these places.  If you are part of the lawsuit, you could get up to $2000 if you were harmed or hurt at a place on the list. You could get up to $42,000 if you write how you were harmed or hurt.
  • There will be a form to ask for this money. You will need to fill in the form and send it to a claims office. The claims office decides if you get money.
  • This money will not change any social assistance or developmental services and supports that you get from the government of Ontario.
  • The settlement money also pays the lawyers.  The lawyers at Koskie Minsky are asking for 3.7 million dollars from the settlement for their work on this lawsuit.
  • There may be money left over after everyone is paid. That money will go back to the government.

The settlement does not say that the government broke the law or did anything wrong.   The Court will not make a decision about that.

These are just the main points. There is more information in the settlement. You can get a copy from

What if I do not agree with the settlement?
You can send a letter to the Court.  Your letter should explain why the settlement is not fair. 
Write your name, address and telephone number and the name of the settlement in your letter. The name is Schedule 1 Class Action Settlement, Court File No. CV-14-50642300CP
Send your letter to:
Schedule 1 Settlement
3-505, 133 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 3G9

The Post Office must stamp your letter by April 4, 2016. Keep a copy of the letter and write down the date you put it in the mail. Keep that date with your copy. 

If you want to talk to the Judge, you should write that in your letter, too.  Then go to the Court on April 25, 2016.  Check that this date does not change.

To get the Court’s address and check the date and time:

You can be part of the lawsuit even if you tell the Court that you are against the settlement. 

How can I get out of the lawsuit?
You can get out of the lawsuit by signing and sending a letter or form. This is called opting out.  If you opt out of the lawsuit, then you will not get any money from the lawsuit or settlement.

You can find the form at  The name of the form is Opt Out Coupon.

Please read the Opt Out Coupon carefully or ask for help from someone you trust. Even if you send a letter, make sure you understand the Opt Out Coupon.

Write your name, address and telephone number in the letter or Opt Out Coupon. You must also write the name of the lawsuit in the letter. The lawsuit is called Clegg v. Province of Ontario.

The Post Office must stamp the envelope with your letter or Opt Out Coupon by April 15, 2016.  Send the envelope to: 
Schedule 1 Settlement
3-505, 133 Weber Street North
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 3G9 

Keep a copy of the letter or Opt Out Coupon and write down the date you put it in the mail. Keep that date with your copy.

How can I find out more about the lawsuit and the settlement?
You can read the short form notice and long form notice for more information.  To read the notices in PDF or Word formats, copy and paste or use the links directly below:

Short Form Notice (PDF): Form Notice.pdf

Long Form Notice (PDF):

Short Form Notice (WORD): Notice_0.doc

Long Form Notice (WORD): Form_1.doc

You can also ask questions by:

Are family members part of the lawsuit?
No. But estates of people who lived somewhere on the list may be part of the lawsuit if the person died after June 16, 2012.

D o you know someone who lived at a place on the list?
Please share this information with them or their support person.

York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitation (YRLIF)
an information meeting with John Lord
inviting families, individuals, people interested in becoming facilitators, social workers, DSWs

Learn how to build & maintain a
 network of support and friendship

what is independent facilitation?

What is the New Story?
How can we build a good life for our children?

Wed Feb 17th, 7:30pm 
Aurora Cultural Centre,
22 Church St, Aurora, Ont

see attached flyer

Polar Bear Plunge: please support our Special Olympics, Saturday, February 6, 2016!

Special-Olympics.jpgKaren Richards, our Board President, will be participating in the Polar Bear Plunge for her third year in a row. She has braved the VERY chilly waters of Georgina in Support of Special Olympics Ontario.

The money raised through this plunge stays in the community to help fund programs like basketball, softball, bocce, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer and swimming, as well as providing incredible athletes with an intellectual disability the opportunity to travel to competition, meet new friends and take part in the sports they love.

According to Karen, "Jumping into sub-zero temperatures is a small price to pay to see the smiles on the athletes face when they get the chance to compete in a sport they love."

Please click on the link below to make a donation.

A special Thank you to Mellissa Haggart and Shannon Coates for raising $582.50 for our Organization at their Holiday Recital on December 14, 2015 featuring the students from their Voices Studio including one of the people we support.

We are in need of Foster Families.
Please contact Kate at 905-898-3000 Ext.252


Holiday Recital Donating Proceeds from their concert to Community Living Newmarket/Aurora Association.

Don't miss the Holiday Recital featuring the students from the voice studios of Melissa Haggart and Shannon Coates on Monday December 14th, 2015.

All donations collected at the Holiday Recital will be donated to our Association.


Proceeds from the Holiday Recital being donated to our Organization! What a wonderful Gift!

Voices of Joy Community Choir

Voices of Joy Community Choir will be performing "The Fourth Wise Man" Christmas concert on Sunday, November, 29, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at the Bethel Community Church.

Please view flyer for details.

Annual United Way Campaign Kick Off Pancake Breakfast

Our Annual United Way Campaign Kick Off Pancake Breakfast at our Day Supports Location.

Thank you to all of our guests and to the United Way Toronto and York Region.

2014-2015 Annual General Meeting Photos

Our Visit to Queen's Park on May 11, 2015 for Community Living Ontario's Day at Legislature

Emily with MPP, Chris Ballard
Elaine, Emily, Chris Ballard, MPP and Kathy

Host Home Respite Providers Needed for our Associate Family Program

Our Associate Family/Foster Program is recruiting Host Home Respite Providers to help enhance the lives of children and adults who have an intellectual disability. The goal for the Host Home Respite Provider is to provide a safe and caring home for the person to visit for short term stays to assist in providing relief to the Associate/ Foster Family.

Currently, we have a need for providers who are available, at least one weekend per month. Host Home Respite Providers are expected to include the person supported in family entertainment and leisure activities such as, shopping, dinners, movies, and attending events.

If you are interested, please contact Kate Sisopha for additional information and compensation details 898-3000 ext.252, or you can email her at

Suzanne Conner did it Again - $10,000 raised at her Second Annual Jelly Bean Ball

On Saturday March 28, 2015, Suzanne Conner held her second Annual Jelly Bean Ball in support of our Organization. In attendance were Suzanne Conner’s family and friends, including some of her friends here at Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District.

The Jelly Bean Ball was an incredible success - raising another $10,000 for our Organization.

Suzanne Conner is an inspiring woman who decided to make a difference in the Community and threw her first Jelly Bean Ball Fundraiser in 2014 raising $10,000 for our Association..  To date, Suzanne has raised $20,000 for Community Living Newmarket/Aurora District.

We cannot thank you enough Suzanne!

Respite Information